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Quite often hunger can just be a psychological response but you can beat the food industries vice like grip on your eating habits with these four easy info bites that will then help catapult you to shedding those unwanted pounds while following your training program.


The belief that food makes us feel better contributes to our desire to have food:

When you expect the food you eat to give you pleasure (+ve reinforcement) or relief from distress (-ve reinforcement), that will amplify your further desire for it and your expectation that food is rewarding will stimulate your pursuit for it.  A good way to disconnect your emotions from foods is to read the labels, this will help you view food as more of a functional need and help you eat less.

The location of some foods can become a potent desire trigger:                               

People may be triggered to desire food by a geographical cue, for instance walking past a favourite restaurant or talking about a holiday where food was of 5 star quality and this may become just as important as the food itself.  Cues that we then associate with pleasure demand our attention, motivate the behaviour that is to follow and stimulate an urge we call ‘hunger’.  The more aware you are about these triggers the clearer it will become when you are actually hungry and when you are simply responding to a geographical pleasure cue. 

Gain the upper hand over trigger foods and moderation will be easier:                 

People have become accustomed to following a certain pattern of behaviour with regards their food intake and that is the cue-urge-reward cycle that they lose sight of other possible responses.  An alternative would be to show willing and resist the temptation, yes this may be difficult initially but just going without a particular food once will make it much easier for you the next time and this could have huge health implications long term.

Beware of the ‘Bliss Point’ at which foods become more addictive:                               

It has been discovered that foods with the combination of sugar, salt and fat is just the thing that makes that food become more stimulating, Fast Food, Processed Foods and foods labelled as ‘Junk’ often follow this principle but it’s not always easy to tell as they may be masked with additives and flavourings, so always check the label and if you’re still not sure choose something that has actually been grown and not made. 

If this week you choose to follow some basic principles of Nutrition, you may well surprise yourself and the rewards you’ll see in conjunction with your exercise, will come quicker.

Enjoy your food wisely

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