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Over the past few weeks we have been running a Summer Boot Camp Challenge, where we’ve been working extremely hard through a wide range of exercises which have targeted Core and Full Body Strength, CV and coordination to see who is to be crowned the male and female champion for 2012.
Eeveryone who has taken part has certainly put in max effort througout and the scores have shown this for sure. It has been about pushing yourself to the limits of your capabilites to ensure you know that your body can in fact work beyond the comfort zone that many people find themselves stuck in, this application of understanding will mean greater success for now and for long term success of goal attainment.
Week 3 Results for the top 3 Males and Females are as follws:
Males – Martin W 969 points
Jimmy E 950.5 points
Josh C 664 points

Females – Rachel B 878.5 points
Ginny A 778 points
Sarah W 491 points 2wks

It will be interesting to see how this final week will pan out, to see if the leader board will change after tonights session.
Push hard all, it’ll be a great finale.