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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Boot Camp Timetable 2011 in Leicestershire





Rawlins College, Quorn Indoor 1845-1945hrs All Welcome


Beacon Hill Outdoor 0645-0745hrs

(re-starts Apr 2011)

All Welcome


Foxton Locks Outdoor 0930-1030hrs

(re starts May 2011)

All Welcome


Beacon Hill Outdoor 0645-0745hrs

(re-starts Apr 2011)

All Welcome


Beacon Hill Outdoor 0930-1030hrs All Welcome


Bradgate Park Outdoor 0930-1030hrs

(re-starts June 2011)



All stefantaylorfitness Boot Camps are designed for all, whether you are re-starting after a break or you have been training for a while and are now looking for a fresh challenge.  2010 see’s new sessions being added to the timetable to give you a greater availability and choice of frequency to exercise effectively and gain those results you so desire.  Every session has one thing in common, enjoyment.  Exercise should be something you both feel the benefit from and wish to do again and again.

Rawlins Boot Camp: An indoor Boot Camp that changes its’ emphasis every 4 weeks, so you are constantly being challenged and will see and feel progress as a result.  This session has been designed to guarantee you burn calories, tone up and strengthen.  Suitable for all, this class gives the comfort of being indoors and will ensure you leave feeling invigorated. 

Foxton Locks Boot Camp: Situated between Market Harborough and Kibworth, Foxton Locks provides an excellent environment to challenge all levels of fitness and is a small group session with a personal touch.  A combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance work will ensure you burn calories, tone up and lose weight and guarantee you improve your fitness levels making for a fitter and healthier you.

Beacon Hill Boot Camp: A fun, rewarding and challenging session that is based in this fabulous park.  This outdoor session is guaranteed to give you the results you desire and leave you looking and feeling energized.  Moving between several locations in the park, each session will work to improve strength, co-ordination, aid weight loss and tone up improving fitness levels and will suit all abilities.

Bookings:  All bookings can be made in advance either via telephone 07811 28 42 92 or via email if you require further information please contact via the same means or visit our website

Enjoy your fitness


Quite often hunger can just be a psychological response but you can beat the food industries vice like grip on your eating habits with these four easy info bites that will then help catapult you to shedding those unwanted pounds while following your training program.


The belief that food makes us feel better contributes to our desire to have food:

When you expect the food you eat to give you pleasure (+ve reinforcement) or relief from distress (-ve reinforcement), that will amplify your further desire for it and your expectation that food is rewarding will stimulate your pursuit for it.  A good way to disconnect your emotions from foods is to read the labels, this will help you view food as more of a functional need and help you eat less.

The location of some foods can become a potent desire trigger:                               

People may be triggered to desire food by a geographical cue, for instance walking past a favourite restaurant or talking about a holiday where food was of 5 star quality and this may become just as important as the food itself.  Cues that we then associate with pleasure demand our attention, motivate the behaviour that is to follow and stimulate an urge we call ‘hunger’.  The more aware you are about these triggers the clearer it will become when you are actually hungry and when you are simply responding to a geographical pleasure cue. 

Gain the upper hand over trigger foods and moderation will be easier:                 

People have become accustomed to following a certain pattern of behaviour with regards their food intake and that is the cue-urge-reward cycle that they lose sight of other possible responses.  An alternative would be to show willing and resist the temptation, yes this may be difficult initially but just going without a particular food once will make it much easier for you the next time and this could have huge health implications long term.

Beware of the ‘Bliss Point’ at which foods become more addictive:                               

It has been discovered that foods with the combination of sugar, salt and fat is just the thing that makes that food become more stimulating, Fast Food, Processed Foods and foods labelled as ‘Junk’ often follow this principle but it’s not always easy to tell as they may be masked with additives and flavourings, so always check the label and if you’re still not sure choose something that has actually been grown and not made. 

If this week you choose to follow some basic principles of Nutrition, you may well surprise yourself and the rewards you’ll see in conjunction with your exercise, will come quicker.

Enjoy your food wisely

stefan taylor fitness

Losing body fat needn’t be a chore and by thinking wisely about your nutrition and making some small changes you could really see some fast results.  Your daily intake of body fuel is the cornerstone to shedding those few extra pounds that may still be there after the Christmas period and balancing this with your weekly training, will definitely see you achieving your goals.

Eat Almonds:

Almonds can help you flatten you tummy area, thanks to their high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (good fats).  The fat in almonds is not completely absorbed by the body and this can also help prevent fats from other foods being stored.  Snack on around 10-15 per day but any more won’t have the desired effect.

Time your Fruit Right:

Getting your 5 fruit and veg a day is a must to aid your weight loss but it’s even better if you time it right.  Eating fruit after a meal rich in protein (containing plenty of fish, meat, eggs or beans) can cause bloating due to the fermentation of its natural sugars.  Eating fruit before your protein rich meal will put a stop top any such feeling and take the edge of your appetite and cause you to eat smaller portions if over eating is a concern.

Have a Good Nights’ Sleep:

Try to get more than 7 hours of sleep per night, if you don’t get enough it can throw your bodys’ hormone levels that regulate your energy and appetite, causing you to crave more foods the next day especially carbohydrates.  So it’s 7 hours or tighter trousers.

Turn off the TV:

Eating while balancing your meal on your lap and watching the box may be causing you to eat up to 71% more than you need, according to research and that’s a lot of extra calories.  This is due to the fact you don’t focus on the food you’re eating and aren’t aware when you’re full.

Have more fibre:

Increase your intake of soluble fibre that’s found in apples, citrus fruits, beans and salad.  Its natural ability to stabilize your blood sugar levels so controls cravings and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.  A good rule of thumb is to separate your plate into quarters, fill 2 with fibrous vegetables, 1 with lean protein such as fish or chicken and the other with fibrous grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta or pearl barley.

Give these tips a try and feel the benefits quickly.

Enjoy your food wisely

stefan taylor fitness